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Open for just about anything! I especially love to draw animals and fantasy creatures. Please send me a note or email me at lehrmanolivia[at] with your commission details. Please use the category guidelines below so I know with certainty what sort of piece you are commissioning and have an idea for how much your order will cost. Thank you. I am willing to negotiate on prices.

Check out my easy-to-read, quick price guides here:
2D Commission Information by OllyChimera Ollychimera's 3D Commission Info by OllyChimera

PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers My painting pay my bills... by emmil

Pricing is all in USD. I use Paypal for all transactions.

I do not do point commissions.

Please read my ToS here:… before ordering!

1. Email commission - 2 character sketch, colored - Awaiting Payment

Click here to see past commissions

Samples and Price Categories:

Sketches (Pencil/Pen/Digital): $25
(Additional characters/subjects: +$5 each)
(Add Color: +$10)
(Add BG: +$5)
Ex: Serilda Sketch Commission by OllyChimera

Lineart (Pen/Marker/Photoshop): $50
(Additional characters/subjects: +$10 each)
(Add Color: +$10)
(Add BG: +$10)

Ex: Sonic Holiday Postcard by OllyChimera

Character/Con Badges (Marker/Colored Pencil/Photoshop): $35
Traditional piece/digitally printed size will be 2.5" X 3.5" card to fit con badge holders.
Ex: Faustivius Badge by OllyChimera

Full Color Subject (Colored Pencil/Colored Pen/Marker/Paint/Photoshop): $100
(Additional characters/subjects: +$50 each)
(Add BG: +$60)
Ex: Golden Dragon Commission (Please Full View) by OllyChimera Helmet Dragon Commission by OllyChimera
Ex: Sorrow in Spirit by OllyChimera  The Black Chimera by OllyChimera   A Meet of Two Chimers by OllyChimera

Hats, tails, and dolls: ( Please be prepared to pay for shipping. I do ship internationally.)

Plush Fox Tails (Fleece; Choose your fabric colors): $25 each, $40 for a pair
I generally make them around 22 inches long, but I can alter the length.
Ex: Plush Tail Commission by OllyChimera
Tails' Tails by OllyChimera

Custom Plush Tails (Fleece; Choose your fabric colors): Starting at $35 each
Want a custom tail? Provide me with a reference pic/description, length desired, and any fabrics or accents needed.

Fleece Hats (Choose your fabric colors and ear/horn style):$25 each
I can also sew faces or markings onto the front.
Ex: Fleece Hat by OllyChimera

Custom Request Doll (Please supply sketch, colors, and list of fabrics/materials desired): Starting at $35 each
Ex: Chibi Nightshade Multi-View by OllyChimera

"Polly" Doll: $15 each (Please supply colors, list of fabric/material desired, as well as facial expression and eye type [embroidered or button eyes])
Ex: Polly Doll by OllyChimera

Custom Checkered Pillows (Choose your fabric colors/patterns and material type): $25 each

- Anime hentai. However, I am willing do adult furry stuff.
- Closeups of bare human feet or foot fetish related things. Personal preference. Paws are okay.
- Fetish-y things like scat or feet. Note me if you have a different one in mind and want to know if I'll consider it.
- Hate art
- MLP. Please don't ask for ponies. You can ask for characters that are not ponies though, like Spike, Discord, and Gilda.

Ordering Guidelines: (Please follow this when you note me)
When giving me details on what you'd like me to create for you, please try to answer these questions:

1. What media do you want the piece done in?

2. What size do you want to final product to be? If it is digital and you are unsure, let me know if you want a portrait, a landscape, or a square shaped canvas.

3. Describe what you want drawn:
   � What is/are the main subject(s)?
   � What do they look like? Be specific, like body and eye color, unique details, etc. Providing picture references helps a lot.
   � General pose/action (ex: I want my character to be doing ...)
   � General background description (ex: a beach, a city at night, etc.) Reference pictures also help.

4. Any other information you think I should know.

5. What category and total price will this be? (see "Samples and Price Categories" above)

Styles Open for Commissions:
� Realistic and Semi-Realistic (Black & White/Full color)
� Cartoon/Manga/Chibi
� Traditional Asian (Chinese/Japanese-style brush painting)
� Plush Crafts
� Pixel/Sprite Art

Media Open for Commissions:
� Photoshop
� MS Paint (Sprite Art)

** If you want to receive the original drawing in the mail, please be prepared to pay for shipping. Shipping is based on size of package and distance to ship, so I cannot give exact estimates until I am ready to ship your piece.**
� Black and White (Pencil or pen)
� Marker
� Colored pencil
� Fabric (Plushies, Pillows, and Fleece Tails)
� Paint: Acrylic, Oil, and Watercolor

� Send me the note, and I'll either confirm, as you for more info, or deny it.
� Unless you are a returning and trusted customer, all payments must be made up front.
� I'll send you a rough sketch, and have you confirm it or ask for changes. This is the only time changes can be made for free.
� I will send periodic low-res and watermarked progress shots, and also upon request. Any major changes (such as pose or shading) will carry a fee of $15 each.
� Once I am finished, I will upload the piece to my gallery in order to create a timestamp.
� I'll send the final, flattened file to you via email.
�** If you commissioned a traditional piece and want to receive the original drawing in the mail, please be prepared to pay for shipping. Shipping is based on size of package and distance to ship, so I cannot give exact estimates until I am ready to ship your piece.**

� Art done by me is only for personal use. Absolutely no commercial use. Please do not copy, trace, or claim my artwork as your own.
� Art done by me is copyrighted to me and may be used by me as sample work. Your characters will safely remain fully copyrighted to you.
� Artwork done by me is meant only for the commissioner's use and my own, no one else.
� Artwork done by me is subject to experimentation (with new techniques, etc.)
� Artwork done by me will be subject to being made into prints unless the commissioner specifically forbids it, or unless it contains personal and/or original characters copyrighted to respective owners/the commissioner.
KitKat63 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
Hello I was wondering if you could tell me if I bought your pair or Miles Tail Prower Tails. How long would this take to deliver? would you send to the UK? and would this be any extra on top of the $40 
OllyChimera Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Professional General Artist
Pm'd you
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